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We collaborated with local artist Dan Feit for our stand at the London Design Fair last month – a London-based mixed media artist who works with everything from household paint to acrylic and oils and has an abstract, experimentalist style. We sat down with him at our favourite local coffee shop (and neighbours) in Covent Garden, Host, for a coffee and chat about his career and work.

London Design Fair


So, when did you first start painting? Did you go to art school? 

I only really studied art subjects from the age of 17 – after school I did my Art Foundation at Cambridge Arts and Sciences where I studied fine art (sculpture and photography) and then did my BA in Fine Art in Falmouth.


Dan Feit

You seem to have three distinct styles of work - cartoonish murals, slightly abstract portraiture and then a more 'drip' style (would you call it that?). How did each of these develop and how do they allow you to express different subject matter?

My practice changes often and has even changed a lot in just the past year. I work directly from photographic sources, in series, switching between the styles and working and reworking the drawings and paintings. I try not to be too precious - the portraits are not just of a person; they are made up of multiple images and sometimes left for months before I go back to them.

The murals are more fun and are completely unplanned, like with the one we did at London Design Fair, and allow me to work with different themes. The poured paintings are experimental and have allowed me to learn lots about pouring mediums and how to create layers using varnishes and different textures. For me my practice is ongoing and ambiguous in the subject matter; it’s a process of reworking - taking parts that work and taking them forward as inspiration in new pieces.


Speaking of inspiration, what's inspiring you right now? 

I always keep a library of images on my phone that I’ve saved from social media, and I recently did some travelling in Morocco that has provided a lot of inspiration.

What are your career highlights so far?

Working with Bailey Nelson! I also painted the poster for an Indie film last year called The Return, that was selected at the Raindance Film Festival.


That's awesome! So what's next?

I’m working with Ballie Ballerson as their resident mural artist, painting neon UV murals in the club space and then gold, silver and bronze bathrooms! They’re opening seven more locations next year across the globe, so I’ll get to go to New York and Tokyo to paint those locations too. I’ll also be going to Ibiza to paint a mural at a private residence later in the year.


Do you have any favourite local artists?

I like to keep an eye on the London street art – my favourite spot is Hackney Wick, which is always changing. 


And lastly, where do you like to hang out in London?

I really like House of MoMo for authentic Nepalese momos in Dalston.

Dan Feit 

You can see an exhibition of Dan’s ‘poured’ work at Eclipse Walton Street in London, on now until the 22nd December 2017.

Dan wears the Pierce in Black and the Harrison in Gunmetal, shot on location at Host Coffee.

IG: @danfeit

Photography: @photographybymiles


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