The Kitchen Series Part III

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Old Spitalfields Market is a foodie's dream hangout, filled with tasty treats inspired from all over the globe. We spoke to some of our favourite culinary neighbours from The Kitchens about their delicious offerings.

Thousand Knives

A street food concept from the team behind Japanese restaurant Brilliant Corners, Thousand Knives is built around the ideas of authenticity and flavour, showcasing the best of Japanese street cuisine. With a mix of sushi sets, rice dishes & vegan options, Thousand Knives has a menu to amaze even the most discerning street food connoisseur. We spoke to Amit Patel, co-founder of Brilliant Corners, about what it takes to be the top slice of Japanese cuisine in London.

Tell us a bit about Thousand Knives?
It’s the counter top offering from the team at Brilliant Corners. We run a restaurant/bar/music venue in the heart of Dalston, East London, with DJ sets as well as events. Our Menu, like Thousand Knives, is Japanese based, offering a selection of drinks from Sake to botanical teas.

Describe your menu in three words.
Easy; Correctly, executed, Japanese.

Do you have a signature dish?
Try the Salmon maki. You won’t regret it.

If you could only cook one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
It would have to be Sushi using freshly caught fish and the best rice in Japan!

Do you have any tips for people visiting Old Spitalfields Market? Any hidden gems?
If you have a sweet tooth, go and get a custard doughnut from St John Bread & Wine!

Instagram: @thousand__knives / @brilliant_cnrs


Using a technique normally found in high end cooking, Flank is a nose to tail restaurant concept that uses all of the animal, and wastes nothing in a bid to support sustainable farming efforts. Turing the concept into a more accessible casual dining affair, Flank have two sites; one here in Spitalfields and one in Victoria, & with a restaurant in Shoreditch soon to open. We spoke to Tom Griffiths, owner & head chef, about his meaty culinary creation.

Tell us a bit about Flank?


Essentially Flank is about keeping things simple and creating dive-bar food, food that you want to eat when you're just passing by or having a few drinks with friends. 

Describe your menu in three words.
Tasty as *beep*. But also accessible and sustainable.

That’s five words, but we’ll take it. Do you have a signature dish?
My Grandma’s dumplings! they have been in the family since I was a little boy. It’s something she would make with a roast dinner. She would braise down all the ends and bits and bobs that you wouldn't eat, roll it into a ball and put it in the fridge. Then she would make a pastry, steam them over night and glaze it with gravy. I have taken that recipe and spent a few years trying to get it right. She isn’t around anymore to try it but it’s a real appreciation to her. It’s been on the menu from day one.

If you could only cook one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
That’s a horrible question. Probably my Grandma’s dumplings; I get emotional making them.

Do you have any tips for people visiting Old Spitalfields Market? Any hidden gems?
I really like the area about Climpsons coffee. I also think that Christmas time around her is really special.

Instagram: @flanklondon / @thomasdgriffiths

Photos: @calumheadfilm

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