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Eyecare the way it should be.

Hand crafted and beautifully made. Frames from £105.

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The best quality we can, using the most efficient methods we can, at the fairest price we can.

Craftmanship and cool.

We design our glasses in Australia and we pore over every detail from the beginning.  They're the best looking frames you'll own and they'll make you look good too.

Down-to-earth and simple.

We're passionate people who are dedicated to bringing you authentic, affordable, quality eyecare, beautiful frames and an inviting experience.

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The Journal

Chloe Amy Avery

Imagine your favourite childhood food. Imagine it bigger. Now imagine that it’s embroidered in thread. You actually can’t eat it at all, but you ca...
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Archie Proudfoot

In the past few years, a return to handcraft skills – perhaps as a response to our increasingly digital lives and a chance to disconnect – has led ...
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