We make glasses like they used to.

(By hand, with no shortcuts, and fairly priced.)

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Eyewear done right BN

Starting from £105. Because eyewear should be simple, affordable and enjoyable.

Gouge-free pricing

We won’t gouge your eyes or wallet. We keep things fair by cutting out the middlemen and focusing on what actually matters. Scratch-resistant, tick. Anti-reflective, tick. Spare change for your avocado toast, tick.

Made with integrity

A fair price means nothing if your frames aren’t the best you’ve ever owned. We design everything ourselves and partner with world class factories to develop our components, materials and signature details.

A truly enjoyable experience

We make everything to do with your eyes simple and fun. We love helping you find your new favourite frames, and we won’t trick you into buying something you’ll regret once you walk out the door.



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